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Air ducts of your heating ventilation air conditioning (HVAC) system require proper maintenance to work efficiently. The experts recommend you clean the air filters after an average of 90 days, and this duration can change under certain circumstances like having pets and children at home.

The air filters and the air ducts can get dirty after a while and require proper maintenance. It is important to note that after one clean, an average of six pounds of dust can be removed from ducts.

The air contains debris, dust particles, pollen, and pet dander, which can enter the house if the air ducts are dirty and haven’t been cleaned. If you feel the dust on the furniture and floor even after regular cleaning, then it must be due to the dirty air ducts unable to circulate clean air in the house.

Air Duct Cleaning

Air duct cleaning is an essential procedure to enhance the air quality inside the house. Air duct cleaning includes cleaning all ducts, registers, grills, air filters, and all other components that are involved in air cleaning.

Air duct cleaning is not a complex procedure, but if you want your HVAC system to perform efficiently, you should hire a professional who is well experienced in cleaning the air ducts. 

Professionals who provide services of duct cleaning Vaughan use high-power truck-mounted vacuum cleaners to clean the air ducts. The main reason for using truck-mounted vacuum cleaners is that the ducts are behind the walls and truck-mounted vacuum cleaners are the only way to clean them.

It is recommended to have the ducts cleaned more frequently if you have pets in your house or the people in your house suffer from allergies and asthma attacks.

Advantages of Duct Cleaning

If you are looking for reasons to clean your air ducts, you should read the following advantages of air duct cleaning.

  • Improves the Indoor Air Quality

 Air duct cleaning is essential to increase the indoor air quality as it reduces the dust and debris circulation in the air. A dirty air duct becomes unable to clean the air and can cause a lot of health issues.

  • Saves Energy

When the air ducts are dirty, they make it difficult for the air to pass through, and as a result, the HVAC system has to work twice as hard to circulate the air causing the electric bill to increase. Moreover, due to the airflow hindrance, you might experience hot and cold areas in the house due to improper air distribution.

  • Allergies and Irritants

Suppose you are suffering from allergies inside the house, which get better after leaving the house than it might be due to the polluted air inside your house. This polluted air can contain pet dander, pollen, and mold spores that move freely in the house through the air and become the reason for various allergies and irritation in the eyes, nose, or throat.

  • Prevent Costly Repairs

From time to time, the air ducts’ maintenance helps the HVAC system work efficiently without overwork and spare you from spending your money on costly repairs.


Duct cleaning is not easy, and therefore, you should seek professional duct cleaning services in Vaughan to make your air ducts work efficiently and effectively.

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